STACT Wine Rack Wall

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I LOVE WINE. And though my wine bottles never really seem to stick around long enough to warrant a large wine storage solution, having a great wine rack is essential to any modern home. 

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Shopping for wine storage solutions can be really tricky. Obviously, wine fridges are definitely worth considering for all of your cold wine storage needs. But, for those corked wines that you may not want pre-chilled, you still need something to properly store your bottles on their sides.

To be fair, there are tons of wine rack options out there but many are bulky and detract from the minimalist vibe that modern homes usually have. In a modern home, every product selection you make should fit into the overall scheme created for your house and your wine rack is no exception to that rule.

We often sacrifice storage for the sake of modern living, which can definitely create a challenge. It wasn’t until I visited one of my client’s homes that I started to think of wine storage as art. Why, might you ask? It’s because they took an entire wall in their dining room and turned it into a wine storage wall. They custom built a modern rack system along the entire length of the wall and enclosed it in glass, and even photos don’t do it justice for how stunning it truly is.

Now I totally get that going custom just isn’t an option for everyone, so when I stumbled upon STACT wine racks and realized that this same type of wine rack wall could be recreated, I immediately became obsessed!

What Exactly Is STACT?

STACT is a modular wine wall system that allows you to store wine and look good while doing it. I know – walls are typically for things like artwork and mirrors, but this wall system is sexy and deserves some wall space in your home. Plus, have you ever shopped for artwork? It is EXPENSIVE! Depending on what kind of wine collection you’ve got, this is [relatively] cheaper, solves a big problem, and is guaranteed to be a conversation starter when you have guests over.

Why I'm Obsessed:

Aside from the obvious fact that you’re literally decorating your wall with wine, everything about the design of STACT exudes modern. From its sleek hardware that holds wine bottles in place to the sophisticated color palette options to choose from, there’s no way this doesn’t make any room look sexier.

And the great thing about this is that the system is modular. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither does your wine wall have to be! You can absolutely start with 2 – 3 racks on your wall, and add to your space as your collection continues to grow. Though let’s be honest – if you’re anything like me, I’d want to do my whole wall now and make it a challenge to fill it all the way up with all the wine!

What to Know About STACT:

They offer two different wine systems - cork-out or label-out. Those names literally mean what they say, so which one you decide to go with really depends on if you'd rather see the cork or the label facing out. My personal preference? Cork-out. Not only do you get more storage out of each rack, but it also maintains some consistency in the overall look. If you buy your wine by the case, though, label-out is great for storing multiples of the same wine one in front of the other.

Where Can You Find It? 

Online! Visit the STACT website to learn more about how STACT can bring your space to life.