See-Through Refrigerators

You know how it takes a brave soul to go sky diving? I’d like to think that those very same {risky} people are the ones most likely to own a see-through refrigerator. I mean, I’m a professional organizer, but I fully realize that fridges are a place that can get a little hairy and if I’m being totally honest even my fridge is not “Instagram worthy” at all times.

And yet… I think that see-through fridges are one of the sexiest appliances out there and I am completely obsessed. I’m not talking about the “press a button and look in to the fridge” type set-up either; I’m talking about the full monty – all glass and on display all day every day for everyone you invite over your house to see.

See-Through Refrigerator True Manufacturing

Glass wine refrigerators and even mini bar refrigerators have been fairly common for a while, but if you’re looking for an appliance for your kitchen that will provide an “it” factor, there is nothing like a full glass refrigerator that will exude confidence and make everyone envious of your kitchen.

Getting on board with this trend comes with some ground rules though –

True Manufacturing See Through Fridge
  1. IT NEEDS TO BE ORGANIZED AF. No surprise that this is the first rule coming from a professional organizer, right?! But seriously, a see-through fridge and chaos + clutter should never mix. If you know that your life just doesn’t allow for that type of organization, just keep your refrigerator door solid. Or, even better, contact your closest NEAT girl and we’ll make sure your fridge is always #goals.

  2. GO BIG OR GO HOME. In order to maximize this trend, I am of the opinion that a full glass door is ideal and will really make a statement. I’d also like to think that full glass doors are more functional too since they’ll reduce your electricity bill (or maybe it’s just me that opens and stares at my refrigerator contents as though they’ll magically change if I stare with the door open long enough).

  3. WINDEX SHOULD BE YOUR FRIEND. Those clothes that are piled in “the chair” that everyone inevitably has in their master bedroom that exists solely to pile clothes onto – that’s fine. A see-through fridge with fingerprints – not fine. If you’re going to make the investment, it only makes sense to keep it clean as much as possible and a good glass cleaner is necessary to make that happen.

  4. NO SLOPPY JOES. While they may be tasty, no one has ever said that a sloppy joe looks good and no amount of organization can blend its texture-filled mixture into your fridge in a chic way. The same can also be said of Chinese take-out, pizza boxes, and all that bulky Styrofoam that comes from ordering in all the time. So basically, by getting a see-through fridge, it’s basically forcing you to commit to a healthy lifestyle of clean eating (which isn’t the worst thing) and stocking it with tons of pretty and colorful fruit, veggies, and other healthy items. Is that not for you? Don’t worry, me either, which is why I don’t have this type of refrigerator just yet.

I understand that a see-through fridge isn’t for everyone but I totally commend those that have them and will forever be obsessed. Still curious but not ready to commit? Opt for a wine fridge with a glass door instead. Nobody ever cares if your wine is organized.

Where Can You Find It?

I am pretty sure you can find this anywhere appliances are sold. But, if you’re looking still for options to consider, True Manufacturing and Wolf both have options that definitely modern and would look great in your home.